FPL went from the bottom 50% to top 5% in electric utilities

I spent 9 years at Florida Power and Light (FPL) and played a key role in helping FPL win the Deming Prize for Quality. Over time, we identified 7 Key Performance Indicators that drove 90% of all work performed by the enterprise. Here are the amazing results we achieved:

  1. Average minutes a customer was out of power over a given year, we went from 78 minutes to 44 minutes, a 43.5% reduction
  2. Unscheduled transmission outages per year, we went from 950 to 660, a 30.5% reduction
  3. Florida Public Service complaints per 1000 customers, we went from 0.90 to 0.22, a 75.6% reduction
  4. Lost time injuries per 100 employees, we went from 1.20 to 0.39, a 67.5% reduction
  5. Running total of peak demand reduction, 793 megawatts
  6. Nuclear power plant auto trips per 1000 hours, we went from 0.77 to 0.20, a 74.0% reduction
  7. Fossil unit equivalent forced outage rate we went from 14.0% to 2.89%, a 79.4% reduction