Call Center turnover reduced from 112% to 44% in one year

Working with a top 15 US bank, their largest call center was experiencing 112% annual turnover. In other words, they had to re-hire the equivalent of the entire call center more than once per year. We studied American Express, FedEx, USAA, Saturn and a few others to determine how they maintained low call center turnover. Every company we partnered with had less than 10% turnover and one had less than 1% turnover! By learning and redesigning our processes, we reduced our turnover from 112% to 44% in one year.

FPL went from the bottom 50% to top 5% in electric utilities

I spent 9 years at Florida Power and Light (FPL) and played a key role in helping FPL win the Deming Prize for Quality. Over time, we identified 7 Key Performance Indicators that drove 90% of all work performed by the enterprise. Here are the amazing results we achieved:

  1. Average minutes a customer was out of power over a given year, we went from 78 minutes to 44 minutes, a 43.5% reduction
  2. Unscheduled transmission outages per year, we went from 950 to 660, a 30.5% reduction
  3. Florida Public Service complaints per 1000 customers, we went from 0.90 to 0.22, a 75.6% reduction
  4. Lost time injuries per 100 employees, we went from 1.20 to 0.39, a 67.5% reduction
  5. Running total of peak demand reduction, 793 megawatts
  6. Nuclear power plant auto trips per 1000 hours, we went from 0.77 to 0.20, a 74.0% reduction
  7. Fossil unit equivalent forced outage rate we went from 14.0% to 2.89%, a 79.4% reduction

Top 5 US bank saves hundreds of millions of dollars

I served on the leadership team that delivered over $700 million in bottom line impact over 18 months. For example, I coached an executive in obtaining their Six Sigma Black Belt. We focused on branches counting cash when we discovered it was the enterprise costing $145 million per. The cash counting process was redesigned and rolled out across the US saving $35 million annually. All savings were independently audited and certified by the Finance Department, the savings were real money.

Eliminated donuts at a high-end print shop

I worked with two entrepreneurs who started their print business in a garage. The printer was having to throw away high-end print jobs due to donuts. The partners had such a high standard for quality they would rather lose money on a job than let it leave the building defective. I am talking about a printing donut, not an eating donut. We worked together to get to the root of the problem and virtually eliminated donuts.

Successful ISO 9001 Recertification

For three months prior to an upcoming ISO 9000 recertification, I worked with a privately-held small distributor to review their entire ISO 9001 system.  I reviewed and edited procedures and coached employees on following the procedures.  The recertification audit had no major findings, less than 5 minor findings and we were given the recertification before the registrar left the building.