Every organization has a strategy.  How well is it documented, communicated, understood and executed?  Using my 35 years of experience implementing strategy execution methodologies, I can help align your employees, teams and stakeholders get more critical initiatives across the finish line.

Mr. Sheridan works with enterprise leadership to "Make Order Out of Chaos". Where is your organization going? Your destiny needs to be as reliable as true North on a compass. A clearly defined destination with resource alignment and employee commitment will help you achieve results that you never imagined possible.

Recent research by i-nexus has shown that the effective implementation of strategy will provide a lift of 25 to 50% in completion of key initiatives. I will use over 35 years of hands-on experience and expertise to work with you side-by- side to create an environment where achieved results are remarkable.

I have consulted for a broad array of companies ranging in size from a high-end printing company started in a garage by two friends to Fortune 100 enterprises, from Consumer Financial Services to Health Care to Vitamin Manufacturer to Online Bill Payments to Electric Utilities.

I have consulted for 9 years with over 50 clients in addition to spending 25 years working for Bank of America, Citi, Barclays (In London for 18 months), Fiserv, PwC, GE Capital and Florida Power and Light. I have been involved in delivering over $1 billion in bottom line impact. I have written the book Policy Deployment published by ASQ Quality Press.